Wrapping us up in her cool hands.
Darkness sways and hums.
Before you go and slip away.
Please say how the story ends.

¡°Rockaway¡±. she will say. ¡°Rockaway.¡±

Iridescent wisps of hair
Float in darkened forms and stares.
Coats like ladies watching in chairs.
Reminiscent of somebody there.

¡°Rockaway. hey. Rockaway. Rockaway.¡±

We¡¯ve come to the close of the book.
The story lingers awhile.
As dots of dust hang in the air.
Landing in corners overlooked.

¡°Rockaway. now. Rockaway. Rockaway.¡±
¡°Rockaway. now. Rockaway. Rockaway.¡±

¡°Rockaway. Rockaway.¡±