Barenaked Ladies(베어네이키드 레이디즈)Footprints
I followed footprints in the snow.
Never knowing if I was right behind you.
Looking down no one would know.
I wasn`t walking hand in hand beside you.

For your footprints lead the way.
To a hearth where hearts we made surround you.
You`re awash in all its glow.
And I`m still standing in the snow.

I stood and watched the lights go out.
While the snowflakes settled all around me.
And though it filled my heart with doubt.
Couldn`t move and this is where you found me.

As our footprints disappear.
Snow erasing how I came to be here.
I`ve got nowhere else to go.
Now you`re standing in the snow.

Look for understanding in the snow.
You look just outstanding in the snow.
Standing in the snow.


Now it`s almost Christmas Eve.
And I`m surrounded with the sound of laughter.
To give is better than to deceive.
For I received a happy ever after.

You might have left me in the cold.
A fitting ending for the fool that I was.
But you`d be cuddled up alone.
And I`d still be standing in the snow.