Master P(마스터 피)Gangstas Need Love(feat. Silkk The Shocker)Explicit 2005 Digital Remaster)
Master P- (talking)

Yo. Boo. uh. I know I ain`t never told you this before but uh. I`m out here
trying to get my hustle on. But you know what? I just need you to be there for me cuz uh. gangstas need love too.


Since you`ve been away I`ve been down and lonely
Since you`ve been away I`ve been thinkng of you
Trying to understand. the reason you left me
What were you going thru?
I`m missing you (gangstas need love too)
Tell me where the road turns (echoed)

Verse 1 - Master P -

Uhhhh. I got you livin` in mansions
Jumpin` out of Benzes (honk. honk)
DKNY clothes but get fake president`s Rolex watches
You used to wear Swatches
Done took you out the ghetto. now your name is Miss Versace
Alligator Purses. Mt with your Reeses. Hershey
Miss Revelon on yo` lips an` hair an` toes on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Even though I`m livin` wrong. tryin` to get my hustle on
I want you in your birthday suit when I make it home
So I can Uhhhh then squeeze ya`. tease ya`
You wanna rub me? let the Ice Cream Man please you
I ain`t got no nine to five
Hustle just to stay alive
Keep you on your game
Give you a pistol with your cute .45
Heiffers decieve ya. cuz they wanna be ya
Tell you I`m a thug and they can`t wait till I leave ya`
So think about what I say and fuck what them hoes say

Chorus -Lawand and Mercedes-

I`m missin` you
Tell me where the road turns (echoed)

-Verse 2 - Master P-

You was a high school queen
Met me sellin` ice cream on the corner went double-up servin` Fiend
Even though I`m a thug. ya love me
If sex was a game. we`d a played rugby
I got you flyin` first classes on planes
Jumpin` offa` trains
Takin` cruises on boats. sippin` champagne
Rollin` out the red carpet when they see ya $10.000 mink coat
That`s why them hoes wanna be ya. but they can`t
Taking trips in Land Cruisers
Droppin` off cash to the bank
But they don`t know what you done seen
The shit i done put you thru
??? you done take for ya` boo
The FED`s harass you
The lies you done told for me
And when i went to jail you found a way to visit me
Runnin` up ya phone bill
Sometimes the kids ain`t even have a decent meal
It ain`t no limit to this ghetto love
Even though i`m out here slangin` drugs
You still show me love
That`s why I`m here for ya` Boo
But just remember (uuuhh) that gangstas need love too


Verse 3 - The Shocker

I got a ??? and i wonder why i wonder what she in me
man I can`t lie
Cuz i be hustlin` . hangin` wit my homies all night ch`all
I`ll be hustlin` from the morning to the night fall. aight ch`all?
It`s kinda hard tryin` to stay clean
Tyrin` to chase dreams
Tryin` to make it happen
But this rappin` ain`t what it seems
Know what i mean?
Now thru thick and thin ya` stood beside me
When I was on the run. you hide me
on the real Tryin` to make a mil but on the real
That`s the type of love money can`t buy me
I need someone who could be trusted
Take this hundred g`s in case a nigga like me get busted
Ya` blame it on my mob lifestyle
My thuggish-ruggish friends
Ya` keep tellin` me
My fine lifestyle gonna havta come to an end
Ya` gotta` realize I ain`t tryin` to be no broke fart
I`m takin` the chances now
Cuz it`s gonna be hard for our future sons and daughters
I`m tryin` to take trips to Reno
Cash chips like casinos
Live life as a high roller
Silkk the Shocker make moves like Valentino
I only got one chance. so I got to take it
If you could just be patient
diamonds the size of 20`s just for waitin`
Yo` mom think I`m a thug
She don`t like me you still sneak out and see me
Ya` friends think I`m a ghetto thug
But this is ghetto love that they can`t see. G
I know when it rains it pours. one day i gotta stop
And when I do ima be sittin` on top
And gonna be sippin` champagne on yachts
Cars and tennis bracelets just to thank you (meanwhile)
I`ll be home tonight
So keep it tight for this gangsta