Mystikal(미스티컬)I Get It Started
Artist: Mystikal f/ Method Man. Redman
Album: Tarantula
Song: I Get it Started
Redman: Yo. I need to wait
Mystikal: Tarantula. tarantula. boof!. handle yo` bidness then nigga
Redman: Mystikal waddup nigga!
Mystikal: Whaa`. wassup dog!
Method Man: Funk Doctor in this mother-fucker
Redman: Right he-eere
Method Man: And I`m shitty ass Meth. and we gone do what the fuck we gotta do

[Chorus: Mystikal]
I get it started for you. I get it started for you
Soon as I get`cha cause I know that you was waitin` for me
I get it started for you. I get it started for you
Soon as I get`cha cause I know that you was waitin` for me

[Method Man]
Yo. yo. yo..
If school was pussy. I wouldn`t miss a day
Big John Jay slay around the way. fish fillet
Taste the truth. ay` no more lies like Ms. Chilet
Keep my kids frost like they was born in east L.A.
Told yo` buy yo` weed by the ounce. twins lets bi-dounce
That shit they talkin` don`t add up. I say what get down
Can`t stop drop. can`t flock. most of all I can`t stop
Wreck my hand-cuffs and fightin` bullies in the sandbox
Method-cal. Mystikal. Oh yeah that`s my man Doc`
Whoopin` she shoulders. WHA!. hit you with the lamb chop
Throw `em up. slow `em up. like the wic blow `em up
Chick showin` butt. half of y`all ain`t even know nuts
Cause I`m. I`m comin` dirty like duzum
Come on. like Buzz Lightyear lets get our buzz on
The ladies in the club. like `where the dollars at?`
They babies be at home like `where my momma at?`


When the twins track on. you can`t talk you bark on it
Doc`s yo` walf on it. sometimes get lost on it
America`s Most No Time a Car woman
Timberland`s and Nike Air`s in the fog runnin`
We job huntin`. with no I.D.`s
Plus my coke carry all the minerals I need
I`ma flow top speed. my crew fight it out
like in-door hot beat. it`s war when I bleed
Sugar come here. throw that ass in the air
I leave blood guts and. broken glass everywhere
I write with `bear` hands. but I`m a gorrilla
Broke out the zoo. with Mystikal and my nigga
Fuck y`all for wrong me. I`m inside of a Ridder
With fat chicks arguing. Who`s body is bigger?
I`ma get my smoke on. I`ma get my freak on
Rims get they poke on. here`s some more dope to choke on

I get it started for you. Soon as I get`cha cause
I know that you was waitin` for me. I know that you was waitin` for me
So when you come you better. have your fuckin` back cause
You know it could get ugly for me. you know it could get ugly for me
I tried to tell you but your ass didn`t want to listen so bitch
Now I got to show you somethin`. now I got to show you somethin`
It`s capital M-Y-S-T-I-K-A-L you mother-fucker. L you mother-fuckcer
No pussy my temple band. no weed or my nerves shot. no money no concert concert
You don`t get no deposit back. man these niggas can handle that
who in the fuck is you playin` wit`. playin` wit`
I`m sorry it can`t change. you probably can`t hang
the sounds I like James. HEY!
I rap fast and kick ass. and kiss my ass
Mystikal. Redman. Method Man. nigga Yeaaaaaah!

[Chorus 2x]

Whoo! Freestyle session nigga
I`m jumpin` the mother-fuckin` south if you ain`t hype. bitch
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