Star Queen(Ÿ )Out Of The Crowd

They are kneeling now in fear
caught in their confusions.
They can`t see you`re here
as a cult of their illusions.

Their hysteria is an objection -
symphony of love and hate.
Don`t await a different reaction.
realizing in their minds - don`t wait!

They are pushing and smashing.
Give them circus and bread.
They are happy to see you are crashing.
Get them out of your head.

Scene of theater - is it real?. . .
Play your role - got no choice.
Survive and stop now to feel.
There`s no one hearing your voice.

Your smile`s the malice of the crowd.
But you can only cry and shout -
Waiting for your sorrows` dying.
dividing of your soul... it`s flying. . .