Gojira(고지라)The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
Lay down fall away
Lie awake
Just cannot move
My arms and legs
I`m paralyzed
Don`t recall how to free
Myself from this
In the heart of the dark
My face contorted
Don`t know how to reach the light
But I feel so bad
Like a freak in a cage

Open the door
Enter your heart
You go so far

Golden unworldly silence
Space flight at speed of light
I cross the clouds and colours
The black hole is calling me
I slide on the horizon
On the frontier not to cross
Black dwarf
Time`s gone distorted
In the heart of the dark
A whirl of light

Enter in
The realm of nothingness
I feel the cold. my eyes are shut
My fear is slowly dying
Light years from here
Are my thoughts and cages
I can hear their moan
But now a long deep breath
Is calling

Overtaking time
And now understanding space
I feel united
I do cross light
Feel the living
Here in the centre
Stands the light of love
That never can be touched
From greater silence
Shall return