Soulja Boy Tell`em(솔자 보이 텔렘)I`m Bout Tha Stax(Intro)
[Verse 1]
I`m `bout the swag. I`m `bout the ice. I`m `bout to cop me one tonight
I don`t really care the price. cause my bankroll right
Ridin on Toyota. on Pinolla. that`s just how we get it though
Choppin ola. I was holdin. forty-five. listen doe
Forty-five tickets stashed n my new dickies man
a S.O.D. charm piece. man that`s fifty grand
Arab tatted up and gathered up the whole guap
S.O.D. gang six figures quarter million copped. cause

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I`m `bout the cars. I`m `bout the swag
I`m `bout the whip. I`m `bout the rag
I`m `bout the bricks. I`m `bout the flips
I`m `bout the chips. I`m `bout the dips
I`m `bout the stacks.. talkin stacks.. stacks
I`m `bout the stacks.. stacks.. stacks

[Verse 2]
I`m `bout the bank. I`m `bout to vote
I`m bout the this ain`t what you thought
I`m ridin clean. I got guap
I`m doin me I`m on the top
I`m `bout the ice. I`m `bout the shine
I`m `bout the work. I`m `bout the grind
I`m `bout to get `em. got `em. see `em song
Gettin every dollar doe
When you see me pop your collar
I`ma throw out every dollar
Soulja Boy`s not a scholar. backpack fulla million dollars
Get `em S.O.D. we got `em. scream S.O.D. we holla
Too much swag extra ballin I`m a money baller


[Verse 3]
Man I`m a trapaholic rapaholic hustler
Down on your decimal. make me a customer
S.O.D. machine don`t need no cash register
All the money added up. pass me the duffle
Bag full of grands. a couple bands. understand
I`m the man when I land overseas in Japan
I seen you wishin need da quit it you can`t get like me
A lot of rappers mad cause they can`t make no hits like me


[dub version of Chorus]