Maximilian Hecker(막시밀리안 헤커)All These Cradle`s Blankets Will Never Veil My Whole Substance
I hear the sound of those heavenly bells
You’re keeping away from me
I see the grace of those spiritual signs
You’re keeping away from me
I’ve found this sea of thousand mermaids beaming with gladness
But when I try to touch their figures. they vanish with laughter
When all you’ve got to do is stay
And all you’ve got to say is “My love”
All you’ve got to do is leave
Cause all that I am is nothing. nothing
I taste the tang of those devious lies
You’re telling me. oh. with a sneer
I feel the pain of this half-hearted love
You’re offering me with your scorn
I’ve found this house of thousand bedrooms waiting in silence
But all these cradles’ blankets never veil my whole substance