Big L(빅엘)Who You Slidin` Wit`(feat. Stan Spit)
Artist: Big L f/ Stan Spit
Album: The Big Picture
Song: Who You Slidin` Wit`
[Big L]
Yo what`s the deal miss?
I`m sayin tho`. let me know somethin right now
Y`know we been dancin all night
I been buyin you drinks all night and shit
You goin home with a nigga or what?
Tell me somethin! Uhh

Chorus: Big L (repeat 2X)

Whattup miss. who you hidin wit?
Who you slidin wit? Who you ridin wit?
We can jump in the SL
Rent a room at the best `tel
I make it last cause I sex well

[Big L]
Henn Rock and Alize I get drunk off
Whattup miss? Get wit a real man and cut that punk off
E`rythang gon` be alright
I been - watchin you watch me all night
I asked honey her name and she told me Celeste
She had big breasts. honey had me harder than a Spanish test
We on the dancefloor. gettin our boogie on
I see the haters watchin me with they hoodies on
Tryin to peep the ice under the sleeve
I`m like. `It`s time to breeze.` told honey. `Let`s leave`
Took her to Ema G`s(?). got some eggs and cheese
Grits fishcakes and orange juice. freshly squeezed
When she finished her meal. I said. `What`s the deal
for real - you goin home or you tryin to chill?`
She got close. whispered somethin slow in my ear
and it ain`t hard to tell where we goin from here


[Stan Spit]
I ain`t on that hatin stuff
I was feelin shorty then the bitch told me she was datin Puff
I`m a average nigga. then she said she was in the 6
my relationship. with that nigga called Jigga
I`ma compete with that? I`m a corner nigga sellin crack
Guess I gotta be a ballplayin nigga to bone Da Brat
One bitch. I ain`t even wanna fuck
She runnin around. all open off Kurupt
The hoe I thought. was gon` be real easy
told me she got a man and he`s some beatmakin nigga named Stevie
What`s wrong with these hoes? I`ma fly nigga
I don`t wanna go flip Mo` to Rah Digga
or Miss Lopez. bitch no feds
She used to be in the Bronx. rockin Pro Keds
with some Dominican `dro heads. ridin on top this
on the back of mopeds. titties all out - what what?


[Big L]
Is yo` game rusty? Around yo` dame. never trust me
Cause soon as you blink I`ma slide her off then bust three
And I only lay pipe to dimes
A lot of niggaz I know are takin care of kids that might be mines
I love to go low. I`m freaky like that
I never get caught creepin cause I`m sneaky like that. uhh
It ain`t my fault your girl be hoe-hoppin
And matter of fact. the last time you gave her loot to go shoppin
honey picked me up some dope shirts
It`s because of me why she`s walkin crooked and her throat hurts
I hate to wait. cause I`m not on the patient tip
Just hit me off. we don`t need a relationship
And when you mention my name. it ring a bell
Ask any female. nobody do it like L
I met this chick Rhonda. who pushed the black Honda
Took her to the crib and bombed her with this big brown anaconda

Chorus 2X

[Big L]
Uhh.. Flamboyant Entertainment
NFL.. one-three-nine. Lenox Ave
Harlem shit. uhh
That`s how we do. yeah..
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